Why Choose a Bespoke Logo?

If you’ve recently set up a business or have one in the making, chances are you’ve spent some time deliberating over your logo options.

There are so many options out there right now it can be difficult to make the right choice for you and your company.

As a friend and a graphic designer, my first advice will always be, not to use a free DIY service such as Canva or cheap design services on the likes of Fiverr. I’m not touting for work here, but it just pains me to see it. Here’s why…

Impersonal – These Apps and services won’t get to know your business, what makes it stand out from the rest and advise you on how to build this into your branding.
Limitations – What you see is what you get. You find a logo you like after hours of scrolling or appointing a cheap design service and the creativity stops right there.

Duplication – If you do find a logo you fall in love with, chances are at least one (I’m talking hundreds) of the 30 million users on Canva also love that design and are using it right now for their business.

Undistinguished – Adding to the above point, what is now setting your logo apart from that other company? The colour? The name used? That’s pretty much it, I’m afraid. Imagine if Nike and Adidas had done that, or Costa and Starbucks!

Unadaptable – How many social media platforms do you promote your company on? Do you have a website? Business cards? Shop sign? You need to have the right size, style, shape, colour settings for your logo to be able to use it effectively across all media. You will probably download a file size suitable for a social media profile pic and that’s all.

So if you’re looking for a logo I’d urge you to do the right thing for your business and shop around for individuality, flexibility and value for money. After all, as your logo is the first impression your customers will have of your company, you want it to be a good one.

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